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Photo Essay + Final Reflection

At the center of this project lies the intersection between divine influence and humanity as seen through man-made structures and deeply emotional interactions. To do this, I visited my local temple and took photos with these central trains of thought in mind.

Seen here is the meeting point between the two guiding principles of the project. Vibrant colors and welcoming structures collide with the muted nature of marble deep inside of the temple.

In a somewhat nondescript location, the Tigard Hindu Temple invites one to participate in a fluid understanding of worship. The marble signifies purity in its color while establishing a solid sense of safety to preserve the sanctity of prayer inside of the structure. 

As the doors of the temple are unlocked, what lies inside is a beautifully constructed manifestation of divinity in our lives. The shine of the marble floor breeds a clear and mirror-like sense of honesty and reflection with oneself.

Towards the side of the temple, many flower b…

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